Color Belt Promotion Testing

Students progress in rank by passing their promotion (belt) test. Each belt level has a minimum set of requirements that will be tested during that day. Belt testing is normally done every 5-6 weeks.

A student is eligible to test if he or she has done the following:
  1. Have the required number of tips for their belt rank.
  2. Have the minimum number of classes attended.
  3. If the student is under 18 years of age – a parent’s permission to test.
  4. If the student is in grade 12 or lower – a instructor’s signature granting permission to test.

Tip testing is sort of a mini-exam. Each tip represents that the student has learned to do the required curriculum.

1st tip = Forms • 2nd tip = Kicks • 3rd tip = Kicks

White Belts: Students can apply to belt test only after receiving three tips.

Yellow Belts to Orange Advanced: Students can apply to belt test only after receiving two tips.

Green Belt and above: Students can apply to belt test only after receiving three tips.

Blue to Poom: Students will have to wait for another 4-6 weeks after receiving their 3rd tip before applying to belt test.

Normally, only one tip is earned for every tip testing. But it is up to the discretion of the instructor to “double tip” an exceptional student.

There is a $50 testing fee that will be assessed and must be submitted with the application for testing. This fee is from white to Red Advanced belt.  Fee from Red Advanced to Poom is $75.  Fees are non-refundable.  A student who fails his or her promotion test must re-apply and will not be required to pay the fee. If a student fails again, then the student will have to pay the fee for his/her third try.

Belt graduation is a time to celebrate. Students that passed their promotion test are awarded their new belts and certificates at this time. Students and their families are encouraged to attend this event and the potluck celebration afterwards. Belt Graduation is done the first Thursday after a promotion test.

Special Awards and Commendations

For students who grades no lower than 4.50 on their belt promotion test will be awarded a black tip on their new belt to signify that student as having an “excellent” performance at their last belt test.

Students who have a straight A or a GPA of 4.0 at the end of a school quarter will be awarded a blue star.

This star could be worn on the lapel of their uniform.

Students who also improve one letter grade in at least two subjects while maintaining the grades in all subjects will be awarded a blue star.

However, deportment grades must also be satisfactory in order to achieve this award. To be eligible,

please submit a copy of the student’s report card.

A red star is awarded to any student who consistently demonstrated a “strong heart”, a willing to try attitude and a “give it my best shot” work ethic either at taekwondo or at school.

This award may be given to a student who has demonstrated an act that highly exemplifies the tenets of taekwondo: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Indomitable Spirit and Attitude.

This award must be recommended by the teacher or instructor. To be eligible, please submit a written summary of why the student should be considered in earning the award.

When preparing to belt test, please review each of these helpful documents by clicking on their icon.

Additional student resources may be acquired on our Student Resources page.

Testing requirements for each belt is accessible by clicking on corresponding icon.

White Belt Requirements

Yellow/Yellow Advanced Belt Requirements

Orange/Orange Advanced Belt Requirements

Green/Green Advanced Belt Requirements

Blue/Blue Advanced Belt Requirements

Red/Red Advanced Belt Requirements

Poom Belt Requirements

Black Belt Requirements

Promotional Testing Form